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Here are just a couple pictures of my car and a few of my friends cars. I will have more pictures up in the next couple of weeks after I put in my springs and get my car back from the body shop. Also I will have pictures of my friends and there cars in a few weeks.


This is my friend David's 2001 "Vortex" 1.8t Beetle. He had 18" Momo Extreme rims on it, but now he put 18" Porsche Turbo rims on it. Looks awesome. His web page is www.vwpilot.com
Here the car is pretty dirty because of all the pollen that is falling of our tree. Ewwwwww.
Here is just another pic out in the street. Nothing special.
Here shows all that fender gap that will be gone hopefully this month after I lower my car. Man that is a huge gap.
Here is a still picture of Dave's Beetle. This was taken the day he bought the car. Now his car is lowered an inch and a half. Looks much better without the fender gap. I will have pictures of his new rims up soon and the will also be on his page www.vwpilot.com.

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